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Our Terms of Service

(In Plain English)

Usually this is where you would see lots of Legal 'Jargon', lots of words that ​that cause confusion and probably don't mean a lot to you. We want to be different. (However there is a page with all of that on if you really want to read it - Click Here)

By adding your account to aDoddle you are agreeing to the following:

  • I understand that this is a free information site for anyone to access the information that I am providing on behalf of our project*.
  • I agree that the information that I am providing is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge.
  • I agree to update the project information if it changes.
  • I acknowledge that the contact details I provide will be made public (unless specifically stated otherwise by us).
  • I confirm that the information that I provide is free from any 'x' rated materials.
  • I understand that our map pin-point can be removed at any point by The Team at aDoddle without warning.
  • I confirm that I have the correct permissions to use any imagery included in my profile.
  • I understand that it is the policy of aDoddle that I may not put any direct requests for funding on our profile page. I may however place a link to our donation page within the contacts.
  • While I have an active profile on aDoddle, I understand that I will recieve receive relevant emails that tell me about updates and/or remind me to update my profile(s).
  • I acknowledge that I possess common sense and know how to use it effectively :).

Projects* = All charities, non-profits, community projects and organisations (or similar) that provide a free/low cost service or connection for people within a community.

View The Long Legal Version of Our Terms Of Service

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